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Summer Tours

(Borough & Maltby Street markets) >> more info

(A look at the influence of tea, coffee, gin and beer on the capital)
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EAST END EATS 11am-1pm
(Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Brick Lane) >> more info

(uncovering secrets around Embankment, Trafalgar Square
and Covent Garden) >> more info

JACK THE RIPPER 5-7pm >> more info

The tours listed below include full day and half day tours featuring famous landmarks, quirky facts, secret locations and fascinating details. The two hour walking tours are a snap shot of London by area or theme.

The Secret History of London's Food
Coutours has created a history of London through its food, taking in some of our best hidden foodie hotspots. There are two versions of this tour. Choose from Borough & Maltby Street Market tour or Foods of the East End. There will be interesting tidbits about our surprising food history and fun facts as we uncover the evolution of British cuisine. We include the first street foods from Roman Britain and follow the delicious history and culture of our food to the present day. Food and a coffee or drink is included in these tours.
The Secret History of Street Food Tour
In Borough:

Street food is not a new phenomenon created at music festivals! It was introduced to us by the Romans and we have relied on the network of street sellers or costermongers throughout history. Without street vendors London would have starved. This tour covers the variety of different foods eaten over the years as well as seeing the evolution of our tastes - while enjoying this tour of South London around one of the oldest and also one of the newest markets (Maltby Street market) in London.
Highlights of the South London food walk include:
  • the delights of the sea from
    Richard Haward’s oyster stall
  • a taste of Pieministers’ fabulous array of British pies
  • a sample of the latest from Neal’s Yard British cheeses
Join a 2.5 hour tour with food for £35 per person Private tours are available from £180 including food (for 6 people)
East End Eats:

history of street food tour of London This is a delicious 2-hour history tour of East London, covering the interesting food legacies of the Romans, Dutch, Portuguese, Jews, Bangladeshis and other foods left by the various immigrants who have lived in this area of London. We can try beigels, fish & chips, 'Indian' as well as some other delights of the area.
Highlights of the East London food walk include:
  • learn the fascinating origins of fish and chips
  • taste delicious beigels and learn more about the immigrants who introduced them
  • optional opportunity to taste jellied eels or pie and mash , two of the East End's most famous dishes (when available).

Join a 2.5 hour tour with food for £35 per person Private tours are available from £180 including food (for 6 people)

The Secret History of London's Drink
Coutours has created a series of tours to highlight London's history through its variety of drinks, pubs and bars. This liquid tour of London looks at the impact of some of the drinks for which London is famous. We also enjoy some of the most interesting pubs, inns, bars, breweries and distilleries [depending on which tour you choose]
A history of London in 4 drinks!
This is a jolly jape around the Western most reaches of the City of London, Fleet Street and The Strand, as we find out about how four drinks helped shape London as it is today.
We learn the fascinating background to London's coffee house scene (some were brothels, others science labs and even one called Nando's!) and how some of London's most famous organizations and institutions were created from them.
Beer is a universal drink; safer than water and not as dangerous as spirits; thereby it was endorsed by the government leading to thousands of beer houses appearing in London. We will see some great examples of these and learn a little social and sometimes antisocial history!
Gin was the drink craze of 18th Century; the Neknominator of its time! And finally, tea; the quintessentially British quencher!
We have lost wars and chunks of our Empire over it, we have exchanged drugs for the precious leaves and kept the leaves locked away as if it were gold - remember that when you next get out the bag of PG tips!
Meeting point: St Paul's tube station.
End point: Aldwych
Length of walking tour: 2.5 hours

Join a 2 hour tour with drinks (includes a tea or coffee on arrival and a gin tasting) for £35 per person
Private tours are available from £180 including drink (for 6 people).

Other tours include:

The Old City pub tour: A wonderful look at London through its unique and historical pubs.
Ginsanity: A look at madness in London throughout the years and chat about gin’s involvement [while sipping on a lovely Gin Fizz or G&T]

topGhost Walks
The Old City Ghost Walk ‐ A historical journey through the most haunted city in the world. It is a ghostly mélange of moaning plague pits, bloody execution sites, old graveyards, haunted prisons, fighting femme fatales and a sighting of Black Dog!

90 MINUTE tour
Starting point: Chancery Lane tube
End point: St Paul’s Cathedral
Join a 90 minute scheduled tour for £15 pp

OTHER Ghost WalkS:
Look for seasonal availability or email if you are interested in joining any of the following tours:
Highclass ghosts, ghouls and monsters...
The East End ghost walk
Ghosts of Old Covent Garden
Other London Walks
Secret London
Coutours has created a series of fun tours of either little known areas of London or areas that hold a lots of secrets. There are unique details, quirky facts, embarrassing mistakes and some genuine oddities alongside some of the most fascinating stories London has to offer. Join us on any one of these tours for a fun, fact filled day out.

Highclass/Lowlifes tour of Mayfair and Soho

A journey through the classes from high society to the gritty underworld, incorporating the clubs of Mayfair/St James and the gangs of Soho. See why Mayfair became the best address in town with its leafy streets, beautiful houses and elegant squares and green spaces. Then we cross the 'Social divide' of Regent Street and into the notorious Soho, where the dark alleys and old streets attracted immigrants from all over the world, as well as disease and pestilence!

2 hour tour
Starting point: Green Park
End point: Soho Square
For information about taking this as a private tour, contact Emma

Dark Secrets of the South
London Bridge was the only bridge over the river Thames for 17 centuries has helped shape this entire area. We take in the ugly side of London with its prisons, brothels, dangerous industries and an outcasts’ burial sites. We see hints of life as Chaucer, Dickens and Shakespeare would have seen it. A different place from the lively, vibrant area we know today.
2 hour tour
Starting point: The Monument
End point: The Millennium Bridge
For information about taking this as a private tour, contact Emma

top Jack the Ripper
It is 1888 and prostitutes are being murdered in the East End. Nothing new there, but these murders are very different and very shocking. Join our Jack the Ripper expert on a tour of some of the murder sites while he transports you back to the Victorian East End. He talks about the various conspiracy theories, his own thoughts on the killer's identity and some interesting details discovered during his 20 years experience as a Ripper reasearcher and tour guide.
2 hour tour

Start/End point: Liverpool Street station
Join a 2 hour scheduled tour for £15 pp

top Hidden London
We dive down the back streets and alleys around The Strand, Soho and Covent Garden. These are overlooked areas including film locations, the world’s smallest police station and a pub in two parts.

We explain things that are in plain view – You may have seen them, but you won’t know what they are or why they are there.

2 hour tour

Starting point: Embankment
End point: Covent Garden
Join a 2 hour scheduled tour for £15 pp

top City of the Dead

London is basically one large grave! This is a right jolly old tour of the dead spots of London including important burial grounds at St Paul's and other overstuffed graveyards, e.g. the aptly-named Bonehill cemetery. Learn about why we wear black to funerals as well as the weird and wacky Victorian inventions and ideas thought up to dispose of the dead, which were piling up around the town.

2 hour tour
Starting point: St Paul’s tube station
End point: Old Street
For information about taking this as a private tour, contact Emma

Secrets of the Shocking East End
The now fashionable East End was a sprawling mass of closely built houses and homes that created a labyrinth of lanes, snicketts and alleyways that would confuse even the most intrepid traveller. Mix in some fog with soot and pollution ‐ the famous London smog ‐ then you can really start appreciating how the area became notorious for pickpockets, crime, mobs and gangsters (e.g. The Krays), unsolved mass murders (as in Jack the Ripper) as well as a place where freaks and misfits (e.g. The Elephant Man) could hide almost unnoticed. It gained notoriety as an ‘exotic’ nation of its own and was usually left off Victorian maps of London.
2 hour tour
Start/end point: Liverpool Street
Starting point: Liverpool Street station
End point: Bethnal Green
For information about taking this as a private tour, contact Emma

Fashion Tours
According to Vivienne Westwood, fashion was created by both the French and the British; an uncomfortable collaboration! Our guide has a background in fashion and an understanding of what makes London unique as a fashion capital. We discuss the background to London’s fashion scene, including the best, the unique and the downright weird.
2 hour tour
Starting point: Piccadilly Circus
End point: Mayfair
for information about taking this as a private tour, contact Emma
London's fashion through the ages - from Elizabethan times to the 1990s
The new fashion districts of London - escape London's West End and discover new places to see and buy the latest fashions
Fashion shopping and personal shopping tours are also available.